Noise Workshop for Protégés (2015)
Paper, balloons, electronics and software

In this workshop, the notion of music and sound is explored through demonstration and group participation. There is an introduction to basic concepts of sound and music through a selection of objects and microphones to explore the physics of sound and performance. Improvisation rather than notation is used to explore sound and play music. At the end of the workshop, the instructor will lead the participants in a performance of their newly discovered talents.

The initial workshop was held at Tokwawan Stories of House ( a community center) in the rapidly changing community of Tokwawan, Hong Kong. Participants were welcomed for all 3 days of the workshop, and engaged in various demonstrations of both analog and digital technology of making, modifying and improvising with sounds. After the workshop, there was a subsequent performance held with one of the participants at Floating Projects.

Selected Images:

© Milad H. Mozari , 2018