In Particulates (2021)
Composition, performance and vinyl record (Wendover, Utah/ Online)

Conducted as a night of performances during the pandemic, the work enlisted a series of performances in response to the built and natural environment. At the center, was the work done at Nancy Holt’s Sun Tunnels and nearby landscape. As a sound performance, the impulse response of the cylindrical shapes was applied to data sonification of air quality data as well as the human voice. Alongside this improvisation, a video of archival photos from the surrounding area was manipulated through a generative adversial network program to create new and imaginary landscapes of Utah’s desert area.

Performance and vinyl record in collaboration with Mitsu Salmon, Ji Park, Guillame Rousere, Lin Yu Nong, Jackson Kerbs, David Onwukeme, Digital Matters at Marriott Library and Experimental Soud Studio.

Lathe cut lenticular print 10 inch record from performance with comments on Twitch platform sung in live time of performance by William Salmon.


© Milad H. Mozari , 2018