Bursts and Blooms (2012)
Domestic cacti have a long traditional of being ornamented for visual pleasure. Grafted cacti are particularly popular in Northern Europe. Interestingly enough, the cacti are an import from South Korea from the Grafted Cactus Institute in Suwon, South Korea. The visible cactus is ornamented by the process of having dried African flowers painted, and then glued on. This method of ornamentation is one of the many methods used for domestic plants. In terms of the project, not only is the plant ornamented visually but also aurally. Through a specialty made amplifier, the microvolts of the plant are detected, and processed through a distortion pedal and filter bank sequencer to ornament the sound as well. The filtered sound is then played back for the plant that can detect vibrations in the air pressure change as well the pedestal.

© Milad H. Mozari , 2018